Chloe Russell, The Complete Fortune Teller and Dream Book

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Digital copy of a book in the collection of the Boston Athenaeum.


of your dreams shall prove true ; therefore be mind-
ful of it.
Anger.—To dream you see another in a passion
with you, denotes some very unpleasant circum-
stances that is to happen.
Ants.—When you dream of ants, if you see
them busy in making their provision, it is a sign
your industry will be crowned with success ; if they
appear to be injured you may be certain that some
secret enemy is trying your ruin.
Apparel.—Should you chance to dream that you
Are very genteely drest, and in good company, it
declares that you will be advanced considerably
higher in rank than you have been hitherto. If
your apparel is shabby and much worn, look for
trouble. If drest in white, success will ensue ; if
black, beware of a quarrel. If you appear in
blue, you will soon be at some frolic. If green
you will shortly go on a journey. If yellow, you
will experience something that will make you very
uneasy, if scarlet is the colour, expect heavy
Apparitions.—The greatest and most important
object of such dreams, as ghosts, apparitions, spec-
tres, and such things, is, that they shew the brain
to be at that time in a state of derangement, and
the stomach disordered—they shew disappointment
in a courtship, and that the person you love, hates