Chloe Russell, The Complete Fortune Teller and Dream Book

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Digital copy of a book in the collection of the Boston Athenaeum.



For Mercury the rule doth take.
Mild Jove rules Tuesday, do not fear
‘Tis prosperous throughout the year.
Fair Venus Friday doth approve,
And on that day doth prosper love
Saturn the next doth rule, beware,
And take in hand no great affair.
Sol rules, whose golden aspect shows
He all things kindly doth approve.



About the 20th of January, the sun enters the
[…]venth sign, called Aquarius, or the Water bear-
[…]Man born at this time, will be of a violent,
and boisterous disposition; full of strange
[…] Woman born at the same time, will be
of a sedentary, […] disposition.


About the 20th of February, the sun enters the
twelfth sign called Pisces, or the Fishes—a Man
born near this time will be selfish, designing and
and not to be depended on—a Woman born near
this time will be delicate, kind and affectionate.


About the 20th of March the sun enters the first
sign, called Aries, or the Ram—a Man born near
this time will be of a meek disposition unless high-
ly provoked—a woman born at the same period
will be sweet tempered, modest and chaste.


Near the 20th of April, the sun enters the second
sign, called Taurus or the […]—a man born about
this time, will be of a strong constitution, amor-