Chloe Russell, The Complete Fortune Teller and Dream Book

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Digital copy of a book in the collection of the Boston Athenaeum.




A mole that stands on the right side of the refo-
head or right temple, signifies that the person will
arrive to wealth and honour.
A mole on the right eye brow, foretells speedy
A mol[e] on either cheek, denotes that the person
will never rise to a great fortune.
A mole on the nose, denotes good luck to attend
that person.
A mole on the chin, foreshews prosperity.
A mole on the throat, denotes that the person will
become rich by marriage.
A mole on any part of the stomach, denotes dan-
A mole on the right arm, promotes riches ; on the
lef[t], given to quarrel.
A mole on the belly, denotes sloth.
A mole on either hip shews the person will have
many children.
A mole on either leg, shews the person to be in-
A mole on either ancle, denotes a man to be ef-
feminate ; a woman courageous.
A mole on either foot, forbodes misfortunes.
A mole on either toe on the right foot, denotes re-
A mole on any toe on the right foot, denotes vig-
our and undaunted courage.