Chloe Russell, The Complete Fortune Teller and Dream Book

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Digital copy of a book in the collection of the Boston Athenaeum.



grief if they appear healthy, but if sickly, it is
token of great sorrow.
Key ; The loss of a key in your dream, is a sign
of displeasure ; to find one, and addition to your
family ; to give a key, is marriage.
Knife ; To hold a knife in your hand in a dream
is a sign of enmity.
Letter ; If you receive a letter in your dream it
betokens a present.
Lice ; if you see life in a dream, it is a sure indi-
cation of disgrace or dangerous illness soon.
Light ; if you see a great light in your dream,
it shews that you will attain to great wealth.
Linnen ; To dream you are dressed in white lin-
nen, denotes joyful news.
Lightning ; This dream betokens very great un-
easiness, or some fatal accident that will happen.
[Marriage] ; if in your dream you stand up to be
[…] the priest before you, you will
[…] and the person will forsake you.
Meat ! A dream of raw meat denotes quarrel-
light ; boiled mean, reconciliation ; if you long for
meat and have it, you will be married.
Milk ; Receiving milk, promises joyful news ; to
sell it, you will be crossed in a love affair.
Mire ; If you stick fast in the mire, you will un-
dergo great difficulties.
Money ; To dream you are paying money, de-
notes the birth of a child ; to receive it, success.
Music ; if you hear sweet music in your dream,