Chloe Russell, The Complete Fortune Teller and Dream Book

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Digital copy of a book in the collection of the Boston Athenaeum.



tending it, imports that the person so seen will lose
a near friend ; if there is no friend with the funer-
al, you will be married yourself or assist at the
wedding of some kinsman.
Garden ; If you are walking in a beautiful garden
you will soon be advanced in fortune and dignity.
Geese ; To dream of geese, is a sign that an
absent friend will soon return.
Gift ; To dream of receiving a gift, is a token
of sorrow ; to give signifies great cause of joy.
Glass ; To dream of glass, denotes inconstancy
if you crack it, your lover will forsake you,
Gold ; To dream of gold is good ; if you are
receiving it, your affairs will prosper ; if paying it
away you will be respected,
Grave ; To dream you see a grave, denotes sick-
ness of disappointment ; if you go into the grave
you will suffer ; if you come out
enjoy a prosperous state of life.
Guns ; To dream you see gun fire, foresh[ews]
much adversity.
Hair ; If your hair is burned in a dream, the
person you love will prove false to you.
Horses ; To dream you see horses, it denote
intelligence ; black horses death ; white horses
marriage ; if riding, you will change your situation.
Ice ; To dream you are skating or sliding upon
ice, shews that you are pursuing some scheme that
will elude and subject you to disappointment.
Infants ; A dream of infants, denotes an end of