Chloe Russell, The Complete Fortune Teller and Dream Book



Digital copy of a book in the collection of the Boston Athenaeum.



Face.—To dream that your face is swelled, de-
notes increase of wealth, honour, and happiness.
Fall.—To dream of falling, signifies that you shall
fail of your most sanguine expectations.
Feast.—To dream that you are at a feast, denotes
extraordinary satisfaction.
Fields.—To dream you are crossing ploughed
fields, it promises misfortune ; if green grass ap-
pears, it denotes prosperity.
Finger.—if you dream you cut your finger, and
it bleeds, you will get money where you least ex-
pect it.
Fire.—if you dream of eating fire, you will have
a connection that will ruin you.
Fish.—To dream you are fishing and catch non,
you will never be married to the person you court ;
if you catch them, you will be successful in love, &
enjoy many happy days.
Flood.—To dream of a flood, portends violent op-
positions from wicked and malicious neighbours.
Flowers.—if you are gathering flowers, you will
be successful in whatever you undertake ; if you are
walking, sitting or lying upon them, you will be hap-
py in love or marriage.
Fortune.—To make a sudden fortune in your
dream, is a bad omen.
Fruit.—The gathering of green fruit denotes sick-
ness ; ripe, mellow and red, is a token of peace,
health and prosperity.
Funeral.—A hearse with a relation on, or at-