Chloe Russell, The Complete Fortune Teller and Dream Book

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Digital copy of a book in the collection of the Boston Athenaeum.



especially in love, where the affection will be mutual, and the union happy.
Combat.—To dream of combating, signifies that
you have enemies, who will strive to injure you.
Corn ; To dream you are gathering ripe corn
promises success ; if blighted or mildewed loss.
Coffin ; To dream of black coffin, denotes the
loss of a friend.
Darkness ; To think yourself in the dark is a
token of affliction and loss of near connexions.
Death ; To dream you see a corpse, is a sign
that you will either be married or assist at a wed-
ding : if you dream you are dead yourself, is a
sign of success in all your undertakings.
Debt ; To dream you are in debt, and pursued
by bailiffs, indicates some difficulty.
Devil ; if you see the devil in your dream with-
out fear, you will get the better of your adversary ;
if you are frightened, you will incur some danger.
Ditches ; if you stick in dirty ditches, you will
meet with misfortune.
Dogs ; if dogs snarl at you, you will have ene-
mies ; if they fawn upon you, your loves will seek
to be reconciled, and will soon marry you.
Eating ; To dream you are eating, denotes pros-
Eggs ; To dream of eating them, signifies get-
ting children ; and breaking them some affront.
Eyes ; if you dream you lose your eyes, it de-
notes the loss of some near relatives or friends.