1. Read the instructions on the "EBBDA Style Guide".

2. Check out "Submit your own exhibit" to learn about exhibit content and its requirements.

3. The "Possible Exhibit Template" is how your exhibit is going to look like. Duplicate this template to start creating your own.

4. In the Visual Editor, using the blocks template, add each of your sections with media, starting from an introduction to a bibliography.

5. You can edit the Visual Editor to add or remove sections.

6. Add the gray side bar and anchor each of the sections to the subtitles that you create in your side bar.

How to add the gray "Navigation Side Bar"
  1. On the left Menu bar, go to Appearance > Widgets
  2. Under Available Widgets, choose "Visual Editor" and select "Sidebar", click "Add widget"

  • This will add a widget under the "Sidebar" options on the right.3. Drop-down from the "Visual Editor" you just created.

4. You will see something like the image below, follow the steps shown here:

  • Make sure you add the URL of the page in which you want this sidebar to be shown.
  • You can find this URL if you go to the your page and see the last bit of the "Permalink"
  • Something like this:

5. Click "Save"