Chloe Russell, The Complete Fortune Teller and Dream Book



Pit ; To dream of falling in a pit from which you
cannot get out, foreshews some great misfortune.
Plough—To dream of seeing a plough at work,
shews that you will rise to great consideration.
Pond—A pond seen in a dream, signifies preg-
Purse—To dream of finding a large purse, sig
nifies unexpected prosperity.
Quarrel—To dream of quarrelling, forbodes un-
easiness of mind.
Race—To dream of running a race on foot, is a
token that you will get the better of all those who
are in competition with you.
Rain ; if you dream of seeing rain, your enter-
prize will be successful in love affairs.
Reading ; Should you dream that you are read-
ing a pleasant book, it is a sign that the person you
love is become favourable to you, and will grant
your request.
River ; a smooth and clear water seen in a dream
signifies a comfortable and a happy life.
Sailing ; To dream of sailing in a ship on calm
water, without any hazard, shews that you will be
prosperous in all your undertakings ; if the sea is
tempesious, disappointments will follow.
Serpents.—To dream of serpents, signifies pri-
vate enemies.
Sores.—if you dream you are troubled with bad
sores, you will rise by patronage or legacy.
Sea.—if you dream of walking on the sea or swim-