Chloe Russell, The Complete Fortune Teller and Dream Book


or disregard her, to win his affections and finally to
obtain him for her husband, she must proceed as
follows :
First, ascertain the time of the year of his birth-
day comes—if it is in the season of Flowers, pro-
cure some of the sweetest flavour that you can ob-
tain—divide them into two small bunches, both of
which you must wear in your bosom one day, touch-
ing your naked body—at night put them in any
kind of scented water, with which you have bathed
your face, neck and breasts—the next morning en-
close one of the bunches of the sweetest scent in as
small a package as possible, and write thereon the
young man’s name, which you must so contrive to
convey to him that he shall not know from whom
it [unintelligible]e enclosed you must send a few lines, re-
questing the young man to accept of a small present
from a female friend, who although unknown to him
regards him more than any other person in her sex
--that although she does not expect that he will
condescend to notice her, yet she hopes that he will
be willing to gratify her wishes, so far, as to wear
the flowers in his bosom a few days. The other
bunch you must continue to wear in your bosom for
three days, every night bathing with the scented
water, with which you must continue to bathe your
face, neck and breasts—at the expiration of the three
days you must pluck the leaves of the flowers and
dry them in the sun, after which you must put them
into a trunk, containing your clothing, until your