Chloe Russell, The Complete Fortune Teller and Dream Book



ming without danger, you will enjoy the person you
Sheep.—To dream of sheep, denotes respect being
paid to you.
Silver.—Should you dream of picking up small
pieces of silver, foreshews distress for money.
Soldiers.—To see armed soldiers shews you will
be persecuted.
Teeth.—To dream that your teeth drop out, is a
token of losing some near relation.
Treasure.—Should you find a treasure in your
dream, you will be exposed to the treachery of a per-
son you confide in.
Trees.—To dream you are cutting down trees
forebodes heavy losses in business.
Walls.—To be walking on weak or narrow walls,
shews that you will undertake some dangerous enter-
prize ; if you come down without hurt, or the wall
falls after you, you will be disappointed.
Water.—To drink water in a dream, signifies ad-
versity ; but if you throw clear water off your stom-
ach, you will lose your place ; if the water is dirty,
you will get rid of some great trouble.
Wedding.—To dream you are at a wedding, por-
tends sickness, or the death of a near relation.
Weight.—To dream your limbs are heavy and un-
wieldy when you are pursued, is a sign you will fall
under some great affliction.
Wood.—if you dream of travelling in the woods
or of carrying wood, your partner for life, will be of
a disagreeable temper.