Chloe Russell, The Complete Fortune Teller and Dream Book



your lover will be sincere and constant.
Naked ; To dream you are naked, and ashamed
of being so, you will meet with disappointments.
Night ; To dream you are walking alone in a
dark night, it indicates some great disaster.
Nuts ; To dream you are gathering nuts, denotes
that you will lose your time in pursuit of some tri
fling matter.
Nuisance ; To dream you are troubled with the
neighborhood, &c. shews that some person is en-
deavouring to injure you in an unknown manner.
Old Woman or old Man ; If you dream you are
caressed by an old person of the other sex, and
seem to enjoy pleasure, you will have success in
your worldly affairs.
Onions ; To dream of eating onions, promises
the discovery of some hidden treasure.
Oven ; To see a hot oven, denotes seperation
[f]rom your friends.
Oysters : To dream that you are eating oysters,
insures that you shall be married to a person that
is really a virgin, and will love you.
Path ; To dream of walking in a good pleasant
path, it promises success both in business and love.
Paper ; To dream of white paper, denotes re-
spect ; if scribled or printed, you will do some
mean or unjust action.
Pictures ; if you dream of looking at beautiful
pictures, it foreshews that you will have great de-
light with the person you love: