Chloe Russell, The Complete Fortune Teller and Dream Book


regard him, to win her affections, and finally to ob-
tain her for a wife, he must proceed as follows :
Dissolve six grains of musk in half a pint of water,
with which mix eight or ten drops of the oil of cin-
namon—if the birth day of the Young Lady arrives
in the spring, pluck suck flowers as may then be ob-
tained, which you must wear in your bosom next
your skin for three days, each night washing them
in the must and cinnamon water, with which you
must as frequently bathe your face, neck, &c. on the
third day divide the flowers into two parcels, one of
which you must seek an opportunity to send the
young Lady, with a few lines enclosed, and let your
proceedings then be similar to the directions which
we have prescribed for the Young Ladies.
Then shall the girl whom you really wish to woo,
Love none on earth, so well as she loves you !
Adversity.—To dream you are engaged in a dis-
pute with a person, shows that you will meet with
Air.—To dream you see the air clear, blue, calm
and serene, shows that the point you aim at will be
prosperous ; if with thick and dark clouds, you will
meet with disappointment.
Angles.—if you dream of angels, it is a proof
that there is one then near you, and that the rest