Nicole Aljoe


Professor Aljoe is the Director of the Early Black Boston Digital Almanac.

Rhya Brooke

Research Lead

Rhya Brooke worked as the research lead for the EBBDA from 2017-2018.

Alanna Prince

Site Development Manager

Alanna is a graduate student in English at Northeastern. At EBBDA she helps design and build the website's pages and designs material and educational tools for the site.

Nicole Sojkowski

Site Design Lead

Nicole is a plus-one graduate student in the English Department at Northeastern. Nicole developed the site's original design and has made important contributions to foundations of the site.

Development Platform

CERES: Exhibit Toolkit

This project was created on a customized WordPress instance using the CERES: Exhibit Toolkit. These tools, as well as archival, hosting, and support systems, are provided by the Northeastern University Library Digital Scholarship group. The DSG specializes in the Digital Humanities and helps faculty, staff, and students in the Northeastern community showcase their projects to the public.